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Jan 28, 2017

Your Wild & Precious Life

This yoga and personal writing workshop will help you create a plan for the new year. The workshop includes guided personal writing, gentle yoga, and meditation. What would you like… View More »

Jan 28, 2017

There’s A Book Inside You. Let’s Get It Out!

Do you have a book that you plan to write some day? Why aren’t you writing it now? This workshop will explore the practical and not so practical reasons why… View More »

Feb 02, 2017


Comedy Improvisation

If you enjoy the television show Whose Line Is It Anyway? this class is for you! You’ll learn the fundamentals of improvisation, including “yes, and,” teamwork, and developing a sense… View More »


Jan 24, 2017

2 Pages/2 Voices 2017

Performance: January 24, 8:00 p.m. at Writers & Books This year’s plays are: Lucky Ones, by Paula Marchese Street Sale, by Bill Capossere Millennial Mayhem, by Megan Colombo Lost Things,… View More »

Jan 26, 2017

Reading: Michelle Y. Burke, Rachel Hall, and Douglas Watson

Enjoy a cocktail and hear brilliant writers read their work. What more could you ask for on a chilly January evening? This night promises to be one that will inspire… View More »

Jan 26, 2017

History Reading Salon

Join Writers & Books’ history buffs as they explore the big issues and personalities of history. We do not choose particular books, only subjects. You can read any book or… View More »


High School Writing Contest: Maya Angelou’s “And Still I Rise.”

High School Writing Contest: During the months of January and February, Writers & Books will run a writing contest for local high schoolers. We will accept submissions, either a 20… View More »

SHOWING UP by Sharon Knapp

  If you look online for writing classes, you’ll find that most classes are about the craft of writing– how to write fiction, how to create memorable characters, how to… View More »

Where Does Inspiration Come From? David B. Seaburn

  There are often specific experiences that help inspire my writing. For example, the title for my latest novel, “More More Time,” was inspired by a game I used to… View More »