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Dec 02, 2017
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Do Elves Dream of Electric Lembas?: Worldbuilding in Science Fiction and Fantasy

Science Fiction and Fantasy are two of the most epic genres in existence. This course will teach you how to world build and create cultures using various prompts and examples… View More »

Jan 06, 2018

Character and Chapter Development

In this course, you will learn how to create relatable characters using a character development outline. You will also learn how to map out chapters and short stories using a… View More »

Jan 09, 2018
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I Always Wanted to Write a Novel, Part 2

In Part II, we will focus on how to create movement, story mid-phase challenges, self-editing and resolution. Ample time will be given to continuing work begun in Part I and… View More »


Nov 27, 2017

Last Mondays Open Mic Comedy: November 27

Join us for the “Last Mondays” Stand-up Comedy Open Mic in our wonderful performance space! Anyone interested gets 5 to 7 minutes of stage time. Come to perform or just… View More »

Nov 30, 2017

History Reading Salon: Islamic Golden Age Medicine, 8th-15th C.

Join Writers & Books’ history buffs as they explore the big issues and personalities of history. We do not choose particular books, only subjects. You can read any book or… View More »

Dec 01, 2017

First Friday / Wide Open Mic: Blind Date With a Book December 1

Writers & Books is proud to participate in First Friday each month. We pick a theme and put out snacks, you come and enjoy our building. Peruse the bookstore, pick… View More »


2018 Rochester Reads Author Announced

Rochester, NY: Writers & Books is excited to announce The Distance Between Us by Reyna Grande as the selection for the 2018 Rochester Reads program. Grande will be in residence doing readings, book… View More »

Finding the Music in Each Moment by Deb Sperling

My junior year at Oberlin College, I took a class in music technology. Our “classroom” was a tiny sound-studio in the basement of the conservatory building. We called our professor… View More »

Executive Director Kyle Semmel Interviews Michael Chabon – Nov 5

7 p.m., Sunday, Nov. 5, Opening Night and Dessert Reception. Michael Chabon, Moonglow. $18 JCC members & Writers & Books members; $20 non-members. Purchase tickets here   A “work of… View More »