A Note from the Director of Youth Education

Sally bittnerbonnDear Families,


Dear Families,

Now more than ever we need the arts. All people—youth and adults alike—benefit from the critical thinking skills that being a good, strong reader provides. We need to be open to cultures and ways of thinking and being that are different from our own—and sometimes such access is only available through books and through writing. Reading and bearing witness to others’ stories invokes empathy within us, and I truly believe empathy is our best way forward.

Creative outlets allow us to express our feelings and thoughts, our worries, our frustrations, our greatest hopes. We need our voices. How we express ourselves is important, and how we choose to put forth our ideas and feelings into the world matters.

Experienced mentors can help us hone our own voices, dig deeper to challenge ourselves to always seek the truth, to deepen our understandings, to improve our own skills. Here at Writers & Books, these are the very role models we have, nurturing and encouraging student growth. All of our instructors are accomplished practitioners in their own field, and they are experts at working with youth.

We have many exciting new workshops this summer, as well as returning favorites. Please take time with your child to peruse our course offerings—the more your child can be involved in the decision making process, the more invested in the experience of the workshops your child will be.


In the spirit of creativity,


Sally Bittner Bonn
Director of Youth Education

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