Classes & Workshops

Advanced Creative Nonfiction

Instructor(s): Sejal Shah
Beginner Beginner

Code: S16-C06

We all have lives, histories, and memories, but how do we turn this into art? In this six-week class, we will take the raw material of our lives, and work at the craft of writing creative nonfiction: the practice of shaping our life stories into essays that live outside and beyond us. Other exercises include close reading of contemporary writers in this genre through course readings, generating a few first drafts through writing prompts, and taking one essay idea through serious revision, with the goal of having completed one or two pieces (or having them closer to completion) by the end of the course. Space is limited. To apply, please email a two-page writing sample along with a brief paragraph about yourself as a writer and what you plan or hope to work on in class to the instructor at fictionalsejal(at)