Classes & Workshops

Animal Tales

Instructor(s): Marna Rossi
Location: WAB – 740 University Ave.

Do you love wild animals? Do you have a wild imagination? Children’s literature is full of rich folk tales and fact-based stories about animals. We’ll read stories and poems to learn more about animals living in the wild. We’ll also read and write our own fantastical tales and silly poems like scranimals (What do you get when you cross an umbrella with an elephant or a tuba with an baboon? An umbrellaphant or a tubaboon is a scranimal!) We’ll learn some basics of what goes into the making of a good story or poem. Animal crafts will help expand our learning and double our fun! On the last day we’ll act out our poetry and stories for family and friends! Don’t forget to bring a lunch.

Course Code: W14-YM23
Please call 585 473-2590 x 107 to register