Classes & Workshops

Ages: 10-13

Build a Book: One Chapter at a Time

Instructor(s): Tracy Cretelle
Location: WAB – 740 University Ave.

So you want to write a book, huh? Now you need a plan or blueprint. We will begin by taking your idea and creating a plan for writing. First, you need to figure out what exactly has happened. Was there a murder, a kidnapping, an adventure, a romance or some other event? Once you know that, you can plan what will happen before and after. We will visit some neighborhood museums and sites so that we can learn to incorporate events, settings, and build characters from the real world into our own stories. You will receive a copy of Ralph Fletcher’s book, Live Writing, and learn how Ralph uses language to bring characters and setting to life. Afternoons will be spent writing, sharing, and editing. We will create an anthology using excerpts from your books and read a sample of our work with each other and our families.