Classes & Workshops

Ages: 9-12


Instructor(s): Tracy Cretelle
Location: WAB – 740 University Ave.


So you want to write a book, but you need a plan? Learn how to plot a book chapter by chapter, taking your great idea and turning it into a juicy plot! Observe how ordinary people and places can help you bring your book’s characters to life while on our daily walking trips to sites in the Art Walk neighborhood and through tips from your own copy of Ralph Fletcher’s book, Live Writing. Our afternoons will be spent writing, conferencing, and sharing with one another and creating an anthology consisting of excerpts from each of your books.


If you would like to make a request for an accommodation, please email us at at least 10 days prior to the event.


To register for this class, or to get more information, please call (585)-473-2590 x107.