Classes & Workshops

Ages: 8-11

Harry Potter Fan Fare (section three) (Week Nine)

Instructor(s): Private: Cathy Buyer-Davis
Location: WAB – 740 University Ave.

Re-visit the world of Hogwarts with old friends, and make new ones in this program for Harry Potter fans. During the week, we’ll be sorted, enjoy a round of Quidditch, play some Harry Potter inspired Muggle games, create House t-shirts, visit the gardens at the George Eastman House for an herbology lesson, and have a great time getting together with other fans in real life, and in stories inspired by the original series. Spin a tale with Beedle the Bard, learn a bit about Quidditch through the ages, mix up some potions, and join in our magical world here at Writers & Books.

Course FULL