Classes & Workshops

Ages: Ages: 14 & up

Hunger Games (Week Four)

Hosted by: $ Writers & Books
Instructor(s): Angela Cannon-Crothers Edgar Brown
Location: Location of Gell: A Finger Lakes Creative Retreat
WAB – 740 University Ave.

Based on the popular book by Suzanne Collins, participants will learn hands-on skills in tracking, shelter building, fire building, wild edibles and finding food each morning at the Gell Capitol District (located at the Writers & Books Gell Center of the Finger Lakes in the Bristol Hills). Afternoons will be spent engaging in readings, discussion, and activities on social, ethical, and environmental issues facing our present and futuristic world. On Thursday contestants will begin their game, earning points based on learned skills and trying to snag valuable survival items while they work to protect their personal flag from capture! Under the careful watch of the Gamekeepers the final event will last well into the evening out in the woods surrounding the Gell center. A culminating brunch feast and awards will close the program on Friday morning. Participants will be bused back and forth between Rochester’s W&B campus and the Gell Center Monday through Wednesday with an overnight on Thursday. Participants should be willing to spend a night in the woods and play the game!

Course ID: JY13-RG15