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I Wonder… Exploring Eternal Questions

Instructor(s): Almeta Whitis

Course Code: JY16-M24

“I was so happy I thought of it. It came to me. Which is what the creative act is all about. Things come to you without you necessarily knowing what they mean!” (Maurice Sendak: OnLife, Death And Children’s Lit, to NPR)
Do you enjoy an argument…in defense of your ideas? Are you endlessly curious about the world? Do you often find yourself searching for what lies beneath the surface? Would you enjoy taking the lead and being the teacher of an idea or subject that interests or intrigues you? Then this is the class for you! You can become a modern day philosopher as we learn the finer points of critical thinking, reflection, debating, and creative writing. Class activities include invigorating discussions, evocative writing prompts, and defining personal philosophies. The class will culminate with inviting parents to participate as students for the day.

To register for this class, or to get more information, please call (585)-473-2590 x107.