Classes & Workshops

Ages: 12-14

I Wonder…Exploring Eternal Questions

Instructor(s): Almeta Whitis
Location: WAB – 740 University Ave.

Do you enjoy arguing…in defense of your ideas? Are you endlessly curious about the world? Are you often searching for what lies beneath the surface? You can become a modern-day philosopher as we learn the finer points of critical thinking, reflective writing, debating, and creative writing. We’ll draw on texts as varied as Tolstoy’s The Three Questions, Robert Aitken’s Zen Master Raven, and even Dr. Seuss’ The Sneetches to help us explore and construct possible answers to questions that we wonder about. Personal journals will help students discover their own truths, and define what their philosophies are. Class activities will include invigorating discussions, evocative writing prompts, and guidance in how to skillfully craft a debate. Parents will be invited in on the last day for a culminating event.