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Kegan and the Poetic Animal

Instructor(s): Karen Beck
Location: WAB – 740 University Ave.
Beginner Beginner Beginner

Human beings follow a theoretical course of development en route to evolving towards higher levels of conscious self-awareness. So, too, does the poem as a literary organism meander (at times problematically) through history, culture and society. Robert Kegan of the Harvard School of Education specializes in the study of human development, rooting his work in that of psychologist Jean Piaget. In this 6-week course, the specific developmental stages of the human psyche as a tool for ‘meaning-making’ will be presented parallel to mainly poetic movements of the mid-twentieth century Beat Generation and following a trajectory that will arrive at the doorstep of the globalized and somewhat nihilistic 21st century. Students are strongly urged to own or become familiar with Robert Kegan’s Evolving Self prior to the beginning of the course.