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Magnus Chase: Norse Myth Theatre CLASS FULL

Instructor(s): Marna Rossi

Course Code: JY16-R45
Explore the rollicking, daring tale of Magnus Chase, Norse demigod. We will look into Sword of Summer, the first book in the new Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard series. Magnus, cousin of Greek demi-god, Annabeth Chase collides head-on with the Nine Worlds of the Norse Gods Adventure, magic and heroic deeds fill the tales of Norse gods Odin, Thor, Baldur, and Freya. Many of our favorite stories such as The Hobbit and Harry Potter were influenced by the myths of the Norse (Vikings). Read funny, exciting readers theater scripts based on the Magnus Chase story. Learn about Norse myth through craft activities. Find out about the rainbow bridge that connects the worlds of gods and people. Learn about runes, the magical Norse alphabet. Meet magical creatures such as dwarves, elves, frost Giants, trolls, gnomes and sea serpents. Create a skit and bring it to life for family and friends on the final day.

To register for this class, or to get more information, please call (585)-473-2590 x107.