Classes & Workshops

Ages: 8-11

Meet the Magic Dragon (Week Nine)

Instructor(s): Donna Marbach
Location: WAB – 740 University Ave.

Ready to try publishing your writing or artwork? Each participant will complete and submit one or more pieces of writing and/or art to The Magic Dragon or Stone Soup, children’s art and literary magazines, by the end of the week. Actual publication can’t be guaranteed, but special attention will be given to reviewing guidelines and procedures for submission. Already have ideas? You should come to this course with strong interest and good skills in writing and/or illustration, and are welcome to bring in projects you’ve already started. Ready to work in a more advanced setting? Most class work will be done independently with one-on-one guidance. You’ll also be introduced to a variety of two-dimensional art techniques (e.g. tissue paper mosaics, printmaking, pastels, poster paint, scratchboard) to help you select a project to complete and prepare for submission. At the end, we’ll gather samples of everyone’s work to put into a limited edition souvenir chapbook anthology of class projects.

Course Code: JY13-M3