Classes & Workshops

Ages: 12-14

My Life, My Words

Instructor(s): Private: Deb Murray
Location: WAB – 740 University Ave.

By now, you’ve seen a lot of what life has to offer—the good, the bad, the exciting, and the worrisome. Why not write about it before it flies out of your head and is gone forever? Write about all of your fun and funny friends, your favorite summer place, or your least favorite restaurant (and the time you found a gruesome insect in the potatoes). Your experiences can become essays, memoirs, or even the basis for fiction. Write about your worst vacation, favorite relative, scariest moment, proudest achievement, and earliest memory. Tell the story of your life—the story that’s yours and yours alone. Join us for a week of creativity and memory. We’ll prevent your original ideas from slipping into the outer atmosphere by collecting them in an anthology to take home.