Classes & Workshops

Ages: 14 & up

My Own Monster (Week Six)

Instructor(s): Lindsay Herko
Location: WAB – 740 University Ave.

This class is for teens who want to go deeper than the ship captain haunts of folklore or the traditional spooks of Halloween, to instead mine what has really been scary in their world to create refreshing writing that goes beyond genre expectations. Together we will share ideas of the monsters we always wanted to see on the page, investigating antique scares and shards of fear from childhood. We will annhilate the feeling that legends of white ladies are too spare and banish the thought that campfire ghost stories never yield moments of wonder. Through oral storytelling, vision boarding and monster- based readings we will become anthropologists of our monster’s embodiment, curating our monsters in fictions and memoirs we will present at the class’ end. We will also curate our space to represent a monster’s realm. The most important lesson is that our monster, our horror, can be as broad as our imaginations.

Course Code: JY13-F19