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Mystery Workshop: Writing Killer Fiction

Instructor(s): Frank De Blase Charles Benoit
Beginner Beginner Beginner

Who says crime doesn’t pay? With so many types of mysteries to choose from–police procedurals, cozies, hard-boiled, amateur detectives, classic who-done-its, historicals, capers, comic crime—you’ve got every chance to prove the experts wrong. This four-week writing workshop will explore the key elements of this exciting and always popular genre, from creating believable characters, realistic dialogue, and compelling settings, to mapping out your mystery, playing fair with the reader, and getting the technical details right. You’ll have the opportunity to share your writing—whether it’s short pieces from a work in progress, or things you’ve written specifically for this class—and you’ll hear what publishers and editors are looking for in today’s mystery market. Who knows–to a publisher, your manuscript might just be the stuff that dreams are made of?