Classes & Workshops

Ages: 9-12

Percy Jackson’s Magic Pen

Instructor(s): Wendy Low

Percy Jackson is mighty with his sword, and his creator, Rick Riordan, is mighty with his pen. Uncover and try the methods used to weave a siren spell on you as a reader! You must prepare by reading the first two books of the series. We will mine them for models: of how to develop vivid characters, of how to hold readers across chapter breaks, and of the benefits of borrowing story elements from past literature. We’ll craft beautiful sentences and humorous wisecracks like those in Percy’s narration. Meanwhile, we’ll enjoy examining ancient Greek culture: we’ll attempt some Greek literary forms, explore the Berkeley Gallery of Ancient Art, try on tunics and helmets, design our own hoplite shields, and concoct ambrosia! We will also look at how we borrow from ancient Greece in our language, government, culture, architecture, and art—to see that ancient Greece still lives, in us.