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Poets Walk: Who’s Who?

Instructor(s): John Roche Kitty Jospé
Beginner Beginner Beginner

Come learn about some of the poets represented on Poets Walk and their connection to Rochester.  John Roche will lend his personal experience with Robert Creeley, and discuss other figures associated with the Black Mountain School, as well as telling the story of William Carlos Williams’ visits to sculptor and peony-cultivator Bill Gratwick’s estate near Rochester (Linwood Gardens).  Kitty Jospé will talk about E.E. Cummings as painter and poet, Rochester connections to the important Modernist journal The Dial, and connections between the Sibley Watsons who founded Memorial Art Gallery and the exciting literary figures connected to Rochester.  After learning a bit about the poets represented, students will have a chance to try some of the experiments with poetry pioneered by them.