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Printing Press Workshop at Gell: A Finger Lakes Creative Retreat

Instructor(s): Mitchel Cohen
Location: Location of Gell: A Finger Lakes Creative Retreat
Beginner Beginner Beginner

Immerse yourself and experience the “black art” that is letterpress printing in this one-day workshop. You will learn to navigate the California Job Case printing press and create a broadside before we break for lunch. Bring your favorite quote. After lunch we will create a collective 8-page, unstitched, unglued book. This workshop is intended to give participants an introduction to the process and an appreciation of its historical significance. Weather permitting, we will also make paper. The print shop is equipped with an excellent collection of type that would make Gutenberg envious. The shop is also home to a #4 Vandercook proof press. This is a fun, no pressure art experience located in a wonderful facility with inspiring views of the Bristol Hills. Please join us. Limit of 6 participants. Get your feet wet and your hands inky.

If you would like to make a request for any accommodation, please email us at at least 10 days prior to the event or workshop.