Classes & Workshops

Ages: 5-7

Rebels, Leaders, & Innovators

Instructor(s): Alexa Scott-Flaherty
Location: WAB – 740 University Ave.


Be a change maker! We each have the power to make the world a better place, one action at a time. And stories, true and fictional, have the power to guide us. This class will help us learn about the heroes among us, at all levels of society and in different times, and encourage us to stretch our “social good” muscles! We’ll learn about people like Rosa Parks, Susan B. Anthony, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr., Helen Keller, Lou Gehrig, and more by reading age-appropriate biographies. We’ll do acts of kindness, make picture books, and use our artistic and creative selves to embody our power to make a difference in our community!


If you would like to make a request for an accommodation, please email us at at least 10 days prior to the event.


To register for this class, or to get more information, please call (585)-473-2590 x107.