Classes & Workshops

Ages: teen

Remix: Words & Music (Week Nine)

Instructor(s): Private: Esther Rogers Lindsay Herko
Location: WAB – 740 University Ave.

Calling musicians or writers or teens who consider themselves to be both! How do you make your guitar, harmonica, viola or oboe talk and say a poetic word like…artichoke? Do you often write to a musical pattern in your head and long to make it audible alongside your writing? This collaborative class with Rochester Contemporary School of Music class is for teens who have wanted to have spoken words in their musical compositions or musical sounds in their writing. Here you can create your own compositions for instruments and written words alongside other musicians and writers, while we explore our native relationships to sound and the stream consciousness. We will do guided exercises in text painting, rhythm and improvisational composition, as well as investigate our favorite playlists to see how they sync up to our self-narratives or are similar in tone to the pieces we long to write. Teens will assess how creating alongside certain text or sounds can free or bind our creative process while becoming nimble at making their instruments/words best support and express meaning. The final day of class will be held at Rochester Contemporary School of Music (on Grove Street in Pittsford) with each teen making a studio recording of their mixed sound and word composition. For musicians only: a minimum of 2 years of lessons or three years of ensemble is required.

Course code: JY13-M19