Classes & Workshops

Ages: 8-11

The Red Pyramid Magic Readers’ Theater (Week Eight)

Instructor(s): Marna Rossi
Location: WAB – 740 University Ave.

In Ancient times, Egyptian magicians from the house of life were trained to battle monsters, duel enemy sorcerers and do combat with the gods. Carter and Sadie Kane are descended from the most powerful Egyptian magicians. When ancient gods are released into the modern world, Carter and Sadie have the power to set things right. Join them as they battle the forces of chaos. Find out how to be a magician in the house of life. Learn about the power in Hieroglyphs. Experience suspense, myth and history, humor, courage, and drama. As an Egyptian magician once said, “Gods have great power, but only humans have creativity.” Create your own magical characters. Act out parts of Book 1, The Red Pyramid, Book 2, The Throne of Fire and Book 3, The Serpent’s Shadow. Learn about Ancient Egypt through creative activities. Enact the magic of the Red Pyramid by presenting an adapted version for family and friends on the last day.

Course Code: JY13-R12