Classes & Workshops

The Write Start for Homeschoolers (session 2)

Instructor(s): Caren Pita
Location: WAB – 740 University Ave.

This class is designed and taught by a homeschooling mom and English professor to build writing confidence in children who are able to read, but aren’t yet strong writers. We will focus mainly on the first two steps in the writing process: prewriting and drafting. Children will work much of the time in groups, brainstorming and composing by dictating to an adult or writing by hand. They will be encouraged to leave spelling and handwriting concerns for later stages of the writing process. Academics such as sentence structure and parts of speech will be rolled in to creative projects, so that every skill plays an obvious role in helping the children write the stories, skits, and descriptions that interest them. Children will “publish” in the form of illustrated stories, performed skits, cards, and whatever else they think up! May be repeated for new projects and themes until the child is ready to move on.