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Write On for Homeschoolers

The writing life is famous for its Muse-inspired highs and its writer’s-block lows, but most of writing is really about practice of a five-step process that begins with an idea and ends when the writing is shared with the world. Students will build on the prewriting and drafting skills to take their writing to the next level through revision, proofreading, and publishing. Led by a homeschool mom and English professor, the class will alternate between creative and more academic projects, but always with an eye to what interests the students. Expect to see short stories, informative essays on how to establish a fairy hotel, persuasive letters to the makers of Minecraft, and skits in which three-eyed monsters tangle with talking cats. Some homework will be assigned. Students must be able to write independently by hand or on a computer. May be repeated for new projects and themes.