Classes & Workshops

Writing the Weird

Instructor(s): Rob Tyler
Location: WAB – 740 University Ave.

Life can be weird in ways that don’t fit neatly into the well-defined genres of fantasy, horror, or science fiction. Fortunately, there’s a genre for just this kind of writing, and it’s called…the weird. No, really. As described by Jeff VanderMeer, weird fiction “fascinates by presenting a dark mystery beyond our ken and engaging the subconscious. Just as in real life, things don’t always add up, the narrative isn’t quite what we expected, and in that space we discover some of the most powerful evocations of what it means to be human or inhuman.” If you’re interested in exploring and writing weird fiction, sharing your stories, and getting feedback from your peers in a stimulating and supportive environment, this workshop is for you.

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