History Reading Salon: History of the Celtic Race

Hosted by: Steve Huff

Location: WAB – 740 University Ave.

Join Writers & Books’ history buffs as they explore the big issues and personalities of history. We do not choose particular books, only subjects. You can read any book or other material on the subject and join the discussion.

May 25: China’s Civil War, 1927-1949
June 22: History of the Celtic Race
July 27: Rural Electrification USA
August 24: A Perfect Storm, USA 1916-1920: Temperance, Suffrage, Spanish Flu
September 21: The Battle of Saratoga, 1777
October 26: Between World Wars, 1920-1939
November 30: Islamic Golden Age Medicine, 8th-15th C.

If you would like to make a request for an accommodation, please email us at at least 10 days prior to the event.