Hannah Tennant-Moore – Debut Novel Series 2016


About the book:

wreck-coverPurposefully aimless, self-destructive, and impulsively in and out of love, Elsie is a young woman who feels lost. She’s in a tumultuous relationship, stuck in a dead-end job, and has a relentless, sharp intelligence that is at odds with her many bad decisions. When her initial attempts to improve her life go awry, Elsie decides that a dramatic change is the only solution. While traveling through Paris and Sri Lanka, Elsie meets people who challenge and provoke her toward the change she is seeking, but ultimately she must still come face-to-face with herself.

Whole-hearted, fiercely honest, and inexorably human, Wreck and Order is a stirring debut novel that, in mirroring one young woman’s dizzying quest for answers, illuminates the important questions that drive us all



About the author:


hannah-hrHannah Tennant-Moore’s work has appeared in the New York TimesThe New Republicn+1, Tin HouseSalonBookforum, DissentTricycle: The Buddhist Review, and The Los Angeles Review of Books, and has twice been included in Best Buddhist Writing. She lives in the Hudson Valley with her husband.




Praise for Hannah Tennant-Moore’s Wreck and Order:
“[Tennant-Moore] has managed to do a difficult thing: write frankly about female desire, and unfussily capture the emotional and visceral confusion of pleasure being contingent upon another human … In Wreck and Order, for once, we are given a female odyssey that is deeply satisfying without finding, at its end, the disappointing ease of a red satin bow.”—Elle 

“[A] dark, incisive first novel.”—The New York Times

“Sex, spirituality, wanting the wrong things, why people are like that — there’s so much in Hannah Tennant-Moore’s acutely observed debut that’ll make you feel like someone gets it.


“[A] boundary-pushing debut novel, which finds its somewhat self-destructive heroine on a journey that could be read as the darker side of Eat, Pray, Love. As Elsie travels through Paris and Sri Lanka, her struggle to figure out her path in life is portrayed in starkly honest and frank prose.”Bookpage

“Strong and vulnerable, wise and reckless, a young woman made happy by the right and wrong things—Elsie Shore takes self-discovery to a new level in this very smart, highly quotable novel. ‘I was there to lose control, to be surprised by another person’; she is all nerve and courage, from California to Sri Lanka, with a dangerous flaw—when men hurt her she returns to the source of pain for relief from the pain. I alternately feared for and applauded the darkly funny young woman at the center of this stunning debut.”—Amy Hempel

“Hannah Tennant-Moore has created an unforgettable character: a deeply sensitive millennial who has internalized the culture’s tendencies to objectify and degrade the female body, even as she’s intellectually embattled against those very same tendencies. She’s a new kind of feminist; she tallies orgasms received and given with the scrupulous attention and fury second wave feminists devoted to the counting of dishes washed, beds made and meals cooked.”

—Mona Simpson


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