Robert Ricks

Robert Ricks has worked with the Rochester City
School District, the Department of Parks and Recreation,
Kuumba Consultants, and Writers & Books for over 14
years teaching theater and creative writing. In 2003, he
was awarded the Writers & Books Teacher of Young People
award and over the years he has received numerous
awards from Rochester youth-based organizations. He has
a strong commitment to the development of young minds,
artistically and socially. Mr. Ricks’ first novel Mastermind
was released nationally in January 2006. His second novel
was completed mid-2010. Both books are about inner-city
youth, though written for adults. He has collaborated with
young people on several stage plays and books of short
stories and poems. Mr. Ricks doesn’t only help young
people develop artistically, but he challenges them to
stretch their minds, to think outside the box, and when
necessary change the box