The Roc Bottom Slam Team

Founded in January 2013, the Roc Bottom Slam Team is Rochester’s first adult slam poetry team. Program director Lu Highsmith of LuCreations Productions leads the team, which consists of Aceyon (team captain), A.O.R, Michael Dreitlein, Marvelous Marvin, Ladii Love, Chi The Realist, K-T, and Poetically Undefined. The team’s performances range from ranting to rapping, narratives, story-telling to singing, with all of that sometimes beautifully overlapping while addressing harsh realities and crucial creative pursuits. Roc Bottom has represented Rochester in various Slam Poetry Competitions, including the Albany Wordfest Invitational, Toronto International Poetry Slam, Buffalo International Slam, and the Empire State Slam. The team has also featured in various cities, including Hartford, CT, Washington, D.C., Syracuse and Buffalo, NY.