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Scholarship Application

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Download our youth scholarship application HERE.

It is important to us at Writers & Books that our programs are available to all who are interested. There are full and partial needs-based scholarships available for all of our SummerWrite workshops, while funds last. Students from the Rochester City School District do not need to provide tax forms or other proof of income.*

PLEASE NOTE: These are NEEDS-BASED scholarships. Please do not apply if you can pay.

Thank you to NYSCA for providing substantial support for our scholarship program.



Who can apply for a youth scholarship?

Anyone who feels it would be impossible or a significant hardship to pay for our youth programs.

What are the guidelines for applying for a scholarship?

Our scholarships are needs-based. Please apply only if you cannot otherwise afford to send your child to our programs. Here are some guidelines to keep in mind regarding household income and applying for a scholarship:

• If your annual household income is $20,000 or under, your child definitely qualifies for a full scholarship.

• If your annual household income is $20,00-$50,000, your child will most likely qualify for a partial scholarship, and possibly a full scholarship.

• If your annual household income is above $50,000, please clearly state the extenuating circumstances that necessitate your child receiving a scholarship (extenuating circumstances can include a recent loss of job or extended leave from employment, health-related expenses, size of household, etc).

We are committed to making our programs available to all regardless of ability to pay, so please don’t hesitate to apply.

What do I need to do to apply?

Please fill out our scholarship application.

Please read the directions carefully. If your child is a student in a Rochester City School District school or city charter school, you are not required to provide tax documentation or other proof of need.

If your child is not an RCSD or city charter school student, you must provide proof of need (see below for acceptable forms of proof). Students enrolled in suburban or rural districts, attending private school, or homeschooled students must provide proof of need.

What are acceptable forms of proof of need to accompany the scholarship application?

The first page of your most recent federal tax form, or proof of government assistance, i.e. a letter from the Department of Social Services

Pay stubs are not acceptable proof of need.

Are partial scholarships available?

Absolutely. Please indicate on your application how much you feel you can pay and we will consider your request.

Are there scholarships for adults?

Yes, absolutely. We want to make all our programs available to anyone interested, regardless of ability to pay. Please fill out this form.

How can I support the scholarship program?

Our scholarship program is successful because of donations from individuals and support from organizations. Every dollar counts. Please see our support page to make a donation today!


*Please be considerate of the fact that this is a needs-based scholarship program. Please only apply if your child would otherwise not be able to attend our programs or if it would provide significant financial hardship.


Direct questions and return applications to:

Sarah Brown
Writers & Books
740 University Avenue, Rochester, New York 14607
(585) 473-2590 x110
fax: (585) 442-9333

In addition to our regular scholarship fund, we now have the Jessie L. Huff Memorial Scholarship Fund, for one or more scholarship students interested in one of our nature-based Gell Center Programs.