Classes & Workshops

These Classes & Workshops are happening from today, forward.

Wednesday: Comedy Improvisation

April 04, 2018

Code: W18-YD43 Improvisation is acting without a script, and often includes audience participation. We’ll learn the basic rules of improv, plus theatre games and comedy improv games such as those… View More »

Thursday: Hogwarts Academy, Day One

April 05, 2018
Instructor(s): Tracy Cretelle Sarah Brown Chris Fanning Angela Cannon-Crothers

Code: W18-YR10 Jump into the world of all things Harry Potter! You will make a wand, learn the art of Divination, Herbology, write a story for the Daily Prophet, and… View More »

Friday: Hogwarts Academy, Day Two

April 06, 2018
Instructor(s): Sarah Brown Chris Fanning Sara Bickweat Penner

Code: W18-YR19 Another day immersed in the world of Harry Potter! Take lessons in Transfiguration and Defense Against the Dark Arts, and do some Potter-inspired writing! It is not necessary… View More »