Classes & Workshops

These Classes & Workshops are happening from today, forward.

Fantastic Beasts 101

February 19, 2018
Instructor(s): Chris Fanning

Code: W18-YR53 or W18-YX02 to purchase with Comedy Improv Are you a young magizoologist (a person who studies magical creatures)? Are you considering a career in the Department for the… View More »

Flash! Fiction and Photography

February 19, 2018
Instructor(s): Leslie C. Youngblood

Code: W18-YA27 In this collaborative experience with Flower City Arts Center, students will create their own fictional stories with a skilled writer and then learn how to create their own… View More »

Comedy Improv

February 22, 2018
Instructor(s): Julie Donofrio

Code: W18-YD03 or W18-YX02 when purchased with Fantastic Beasts 101 In this 2-day workshop, students will learn the basic rules of improvisation and some basic comedy techniques, and a variety… View More »

Instant Improv Workshop

March 24, 2018
Instructor(s): Julie Donofrio

Code: W18-YD23 Improv is acting without a script. In this workshop, students learn a variety of improv games, such as those featured on the TV show Whose Line Is It… View More »

Monday: Young Storytellers

April 02, 2018
Instructor(s): Judy DeCroce

Code: W18-YM20 The art of storytelling is important for confidence in any presentation. We’ll use theatre games to introduce skills needed to perform and engage an audience. We will practice… View More »

Monday: Storytellers and Seers

April 02, 2018
Instructor(s): Almeta Whitis

Code: W18-YM38 In ancient cultures, the storyteller or philosopher was called the “seer” or “spirit caller.” They passed on known history, information, and wisdom to new generations. We’ll explore our… View More »

Tuesday: Poetry Doodles

April 03, 2018
Instructor(s): Marna Rossi

Code: W18-YP16 Do you like to doodle? Do you love to play with words? We’ll read poems, examine fun poetic devices like onomatopoeia and alliteration, and make our own colorful… View More »

Tuesday: Flash Fiction

April 03, 2018
Instructor(s): Judy DeCroce

Code: W18-YF07 Flash Fiction is a short form of writing in which every word is essential. These stories have a rhythm and foundation of character, setting, and plot. We will… View More »

Wednesday: Comedy Improvisation

April 04, 2018

Code: W18-YD43 Improvisation is acting without a script, and often includes audience participation. We’ll learn the basic rules of improv, plus theatre games and comedy improv games such as those… View More »

Wednesday: Let’s PLAY!

April 04, 2018
Instructor(s): Sara Bickweat Penner

Code: W18-YD31 Do you love to dive into imaginary worlds and make up plays with your friends? Learn to work together to create mini plays through improv, storytelling, movement, and… View More »