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Feb 19, 2018

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Fantastic Beasts 101

Code: W18-YR53 or W18-YX02 to purchase with Comedy Improv Are you a young magizoologist (a person who studies magical creatures)? Are you considering a career in the Department for the… View More »

Feb 19, 2018

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Flash! Fiction and Photography

Code: W18-YA27 In this collaborative experience with Flower City Arts Center, students will create their own fictional stories with a skilled writer and then learn how to create their own… View More »

Feb 21, 2018
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Intermediate Poetry Workshop: The Turn

If you want to deepen your understanding of poetry, but have a handle on the basic concepts of image, sound, and line, this class will move your poetry forward. The… View More »


Feb 19, 2018

Writers, Ink.: Young Professionals’ Writing Group

Are you struggling to fit into your young professional life? Did you just graduate from college, or does it sometimes feel like you’re too busy to be creative? Do you… View More »

Feb 20, 2018

(W)ri(gh)t(e)2Heal: February 20

A workshop where we come together to explore the impact of writing poetry on our personal growth, where we discuss trauma and mental health with a focus on personal reflection.… View More »

Feb 22, 2018

History Reading Salon: The U.S. Transcontinental Railroad

Join Writers & Books’ history buffs as they explore the big issues and personalities of history. We do not choose particular books, only subjects. You can read any book or… View More »


“Tiny Spaces” by Sarah Freligh

I’ve lived in a variety of apartments during my adult life, but my favorite space would have to be the studio apartment I rented when I moved to Rochester in… View More »

Now Hiring: Development Manager Position

Position: Development Manager   Description of Responsibilities: JOB SUMMARY: The Development Manager is responsible for identifying and developing relationships with prospective donors, maintaining accurate donor records, and implementing programs to… View More »

“Make Believe” by Sara Bickweat Penner

From my earliest memories I loved playing “make believe.” By six years old, my friends and I would spend hours in the basement with a sheet draped over the pipe… View More »