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May 24, 2017
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Beginning Poetry Intensive

Do you have a way with words? Would you like to develop it into something more? In this four week course, we will read contemporary poets, discuss craft, and dive… View More »

May 25, 2017

Secrets of Successful Aging 101(New!)

Most of us devote more time to planning summer vacations than our retirement years. Additionally, the abundant articles and advertisements are confusing. How does one separate fact from fiction? This… View More »

May 27, 2017

Writing Aerobics Week 4: Christine Green

Each Writing Aerobics session is a set of impromptu writing exercises, perfect for the experienced veteran looking for a new challenge, or for someone who has just started to explore… View More »


May 25, 2017

History Reading Salon: China’s Civil War, 1927-1949

Join Writers & Books’ history buffs as they explore the big issues and personalities of history. We do not choose particular books, only subjects. You can read any book or… View More »

May 29, 2017

Writers, Ink.: Young Professionals’ Writing Group

Are you struggling to fit into your young professional life? Did you just graduate from college, or does it sometimes feel like you’re too busy to be creative? Do you… View More »

Jun 01, 2017

The Book Thieves: YP Book Club: Station Eleven

The Book Thieves is a group of young “professionals” who enjoy eating, drinking and most importantly, talking about books. We are about as relaxed a YP group as they come,… View More »


Reporter Gary Craig’s new book “Seven Million”

Craig will be giving a reading at Writers & Books on Thursday, May 18, at 7:00 PM. More information on that here.   PRESS RELEASE For Immediate Release Reporter Gary… View More »

Testimonial from Writer in Residence at Gell, Kelli Jo Ford

  The Gell Residency for Writers with Children has been such a gift. Because my partner is teaching this summer, his time away from school didn’t coincide with our daughter’s.… View More »

LTYM Megaphone Sponsor spotlight: Writers & Books

by MONICAGEBELL on MAY 4, 2017 We are thrilled to once again have Writers & Books as a sponsor! Writers & Books is Rochester’s literary center that fosters and promotes… View More »