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Mar 01, 2017

Beginnings and Endings

This workshop is devoted to recognizing, analyzing and composing effective prose beginnings and endings. Half of the sessions will be devoted to beginnings, half to endings. Participants will workshop one… View More »

Mar 06, 2017


Writing Cartoons

Cartooning is a combination of words and images. This class will walk you through the steps of creating a single-panel gag cartoon. Included is the selection of your subject matter,… View More »

Mar 07, 2017

World-building: Tools and Tricks to Make a Setting Live (New!)

Compelling setting is a crucial ingredient for speculative and genre fiction. Beloved authors often invite readers to dwell in fantastic worlds, if only until the last pages. We will discuss… View More »


Feb 27, 2017

Last Mondays Open Mic Comedy

Join us for the “Last Mondays” Stand-up Comedy Open Mic in our wonderful performance space! Anyone interested gets 5 to 7 minutes of stage time. Come to perform or just… View More »

Feb 27, 2017

Maya Angelou| And Still I Rise Screening

As part of the Little Theatre’s Black History Month special screening series, partnering with Writers and Books, WXXI is pleased to present this special screening followed by a panel discussion. Specially… View More »

Feb 27, 2017

Writers, Ink.: Young Professionals’ Writing Group

Are you struggling to fit into your young professional life? Did you just graduate from college, or does it sometimes feel like you’re too busy to be creative? Do you… View More »


Image City & Rochester Reads

The current exhibit at Image City Photography Gallery, “Peter’s Picks 2015: A Retrospective” includes a panel of photos in collaboration with our Neighbor, Writers & Books to coincide with the reading… View More »

Schools of Poetry by Tom Fugalli

My first poetry teacher was Ms. Slaughter, whose name delighted our fourth-grade class. Without her, I wouldn’t have believed a classroom could be captivated by poetry, as opposed to being… View More »

Learning Concision and the Art of Self-Editing When Writing Poetry by Donna Marbach

Learning Concision and the Art of Self-Editing When Writing Poetry ` W,hen reading someone else’s poem, as writers , we generally know when that poem is really good. We can… View More »