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Write. Harp. Wine. Howl. A blog about the upcoming Mother Wolf Writing Retreat by Christine Green

As I write this post I can hear rock music drifting from the kitchen. My twelve-year-old son is a beep-beep-beeping to some game on his phone. The dog is sniffing my heels begging for a walk. There is laundry to fold and we’re out of milk. Again. My email inbox is overflowing and I have at least 6 partially read books begging for my attention.


I love my family and the life I’ve co-created with my partner and children. I love my job (reviewing local books), and I enjoy taking care of my home.  But…


There is always a “but” isn’t there?


I crave space to write. Even when my house is empty and it is blissfully quiet I still see my “to-do” list on the fridge. My work and volunteering obligations (and, again, that inbox!) somehow always take center stage. I can go days, even weeks, without doing any personal writing.


But writing is what feeds my heart. It is what keeps me going and stimulates my mind. When I spend time putting pen to paper and exploring my inner self through the written word I am not only a healthier and happier person, but I’m also a better mother, spouse, and friend. I have the energy to tackle my work and care for my home and family with vigor and joy.


I deserve space and time to write. You deserve it, too.


Many women and women-identified writers spend so much of their life caretaking and loving others that self-care and self-love fall to the wayside. We can easily forget to nourish our own souls.


Writing retreats and workshops provide a safe, nurturing, and empowering space to writers who, like me, need to renew their spirit and reinvigorate their writing practice.


Writing retreats can:


  • Inspire writing and project ideas
  • Teach new writing techniques
  • Provide new self-care strategies
  • Help you escape (in a healthy way) the demands of work and family obligations
  • Introduce you to like-minded people
  • Allow you to enjoy quiet time in nature or a space designed specifically to feel comforting and relaxing
  • Assist you in overcoming creative blocks



We hope you are now inspired to show yourself a little love. Please join the Mother Wolf Writer’s Retreat at the Gell Center in Bristol, NY on May 13th. Award-winning Rochester-area writers and artists come together to inspire attendees through meditation, hypnosis, music, spiritual crafting, and professional coaching. For more information visit our website.