About Place Projectors

Place Projectors creates cinematic sculptures made of light, shadow, steel and glass that are inspired by Rochester’s unique position in the story of media culture. Film and photography capture a moment in time and place so it can be mobile. Lenses open micro and macro worlds as light passes through them and into our eyes. Place Projectors re-imagines inventions and materials (pioneered by Kodak and Bausch + Lomb) that allow us to see beyond our current time and place by using them to create site and time specific interactions. Each sculpture, or ‘projector’, is connected to an event or object that is rooted in its physical location. Activating each ‘projector’ is an invitation to unearth where you stand in a city that changed how we see and perceive. 

Our Mission is to create a deliberate ‘spectacle’ to bring attention to the importance of recording shared histories and investing in the future of young creatives that will remain and grow in Rochester, NY. We work with local non-profits to source stories from the community and create jobs for young artists. The content of each projection is sourced through the Rochester Historical Society and local nonprofits dedicated to preserving Rochester’s history. 25% of the total cost of each sculpture goes to professional development workshops for art assistants and funding for nonprofits that partner with us.