Green Thumb Committee

Thank you for your enthusiasm in joining the Writers & Books family and advancing our mission to promote reading and writing as lifelong activities in Rochester and beyond.

We believe our beautiful building and classrooms are most welcoming and inspiring to our visitors when they are full of thriving plant life. We invite you to join our group of Green Thumb Volunteers to help us care for our gardens and our indoor plants – and we welcome your expertise in expanding our horticultural horizons. Let’s make our green and leafy friends feel at home at Writers & Books. 

To assist us in matching your interests and skills with Green Thumb activities, please tell us which of the responsibilities listed below appeals to you. Thanks again, and a warm welcome from us to you!

General responsibilities

  1. Design and planning of outdoor gardens (we have 6) and indoor plant displays (in 5 locations)
  2. Research gardening suppliers to purchase required materials per design and budget
  3. Seasonal maintenance of outdoor gardens 
  4. Weekly care of indoor plants: Water, feed and prune (and occasionally re-pot) 

Seasonal responsibilities: Outdoor gardens

Early Spring (March)

  • Clean up gardens and trim/prune shrubs and trees as needed

Spring (April-May)

  • Plant new Annuals as planned and apply mulch to gardens 

Summer (June, July, August)

  • Plant new Annuals and Summer bulbs as planned 
  • Weed flower beds

Fall (September, October)

  • Plant “over-winter” bulbs as planned

Early Winter (November, December)

  • Cut back Perennials and pull out Annuals, using leaves for winter ground-cover

Winter-Winter (January, February) Relax and stay warm

Desired Qualifications

  • Avid reader
  • Detail oriented
  • Familiarity with gardening/landscaping

Report to: Green Thumb Volunteer Committee Chair

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