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Virtual Workshops for Adults 2020

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Genres: Poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, memoir, and hybrid

Formats: Mini Workshop (1.5 Hours) and Special Topic Workshop (2.5 Hours)

Rolling Deadline: Submit proposal at least 10 business days before you plan to offer your workshop.*

Your Fee: $75 for Mini, $185 for Special Topic

Workshop Hours: Saturday mornings and afternoons; weekday evenings

Writers & Books Contact: Dan Herd, Director of Adult Programs: danh@wab.org

Your Proposal will include three attachments:

          • Completed Workshop Proposal form.
          • If available, copy of your résumé or CV, 3 page limit.
          • Brief bio of 100 words. Include your website URL, if available.
          • Email danh@wab.org with the subject line “Workshop Proposal.”

Mini Workshop (see sample description below)

          • Format: Single session via Zoom
          • Duration: 1.5 hours
          • Participant Cost: Members $22 | General Public $25 (Scholarships available)
          • Enrollment: Minimum 4 | Maximum 12
          • Level: Accessibility is a priority.

The Mini Workshop is a gentle on-ramp for those who have never taken a writing class before, as well as reinvigoration for more experienced writers. We look for fun, engaging writing prompts and generative exercises that encourage participants to draw on their personal reservoirs of ideas and experiences as inspiration for committing words to the page.

Special Topic Workshop (see sample description below)

          • Format: Single session via Zoom
          • Duration: 2.5 hours
          • Participant Cost: $65 Member | $75 General Public (Scholarships available)
          • Level: Middle-to-Advanced
          • Enrollment: Minimum 3 | Maximum 12

The Special Topic Workshop focuses on a specific strategy, concept, element of craft, or practice, offering participants a new or unexpected path into creating or revising work.

Sample Workshop Descriptions

Mini Workshop (1.5 Hours)

“The There There”:  Developing Landscape in Your Writing

Utilizing examples from Richard Hugo’s The Triggering Town, Nikki Finney’s Head Off and Split, and Dorothy Allison’s Bastard out of Carolina, this workshop will explore place as character or tone-setting in your work. Open to all genres.

Special Topic Workshop (2.5 Hours)

Seeing Again: Digging Deeper for Revision

Once you have an initial draft, editing is not the next step. Discovering a new vision is. “Beneath the external justifications for writing are secret internal motivations, and beneath these are subconscious impulses and great, pulsing mysteries we sense but cannot say. These appear in our writing’s inner story…that current of emotion and thought that moves in and through the plot.” (Elizabeth Jarrett Andrew, Living Revision)

In this workshop, we will undertake a series of writing exercises designed to allow us to see more deeply into our material to find its true shape and meaning. We’ll ask questions that invite uncovering what is trying to emerge from our writing and what may be getting in our way. In the process, revision will change from a daunting chore to a deeply engaging and heart-opening exploration.

Recommended Bibliography:  Living Revision: A Writer’s Craft as Spiritual Practice by Elizabeth Jarrett Andrew

Workshop Description Tips

          • The hook (one sentence)
          • Specific activities, including handouts (electronic documents) and/or links to resources
          • Workshop objectives
          • Participant take-away(s)

Download our Workshop Proposal Form