Artist in Residence

Writers & Books’ glass-enclosed atrium is home to changing exhibitions that intersect with the literary arts, storytelling, Rochester’s history, and issues in the public conversation. Annalisa Barron inaugurated our Artist in Residence series in 2020 with Place Projectors: Bringing Light, Lenses, and Words Together, and currently serves as volunteer curator. Mounted three or four times a year, exhibitions are selected by invitation. Artists in Residence facilitate interactive public experiences of their artwork, conduct open-house gallery talks, and document the evolving nature of their exhibitions on our website.

Current Residency: April 1 – June 15, 2022

Susan Begy’s Wishbones is a collaborative community sculpture project that explores the concept of caring. The artist invites community members to share stories of their cares, worries, hopes, dreams, and aspirations. Reflecting on these personal narratives, she will carve a pile of raw alabaster rocks into a series of intimate, abstract sculptures.

Susan believes that most of us do care about what happens to others—and that we need to know and internalize that others care about us. The act of carving can give physical form to our collective care.

Created in the tradition of worry stones, worry dolls, amulets, and milagros, Wishbones elevates listening and caring to an art form. Begy’s community project seeks to bridge isolation and forge new connections.

Open Call for Wishbones Stories: May 15, 2022 Deadline

Participate in WISHBONES! You are invited to share your story with Susan: email by May 15, 2022. Please do not exceed 200 words; there are no restrictions on genre or content. Your identity, as well as any identifying elements of your story, will be held in strict confidentiality.

Visit Writers & Books’ atrium throughout the exhibition period to view the ongoing transformation of textual narratives into three-dimensional small sculptures and the artist’s vision of a community united by sharing and caring.

Susan Begy is an interdisciplinary U.S. artist whose work focuses on the shared aspects of being human. Using twisting forms, she creates graphite drawings of large forms made up of small images. Using similar twisted forms, she also makes carved stone sculptures, sometimes incorporating other materials, including steel, glass, or found objects. She considers her sculptures as performances with components appearing in various “roles” at various times.

Begy’s collaborative projects playfully reimagine human interactions and institutions. Her Econival project was selected as a finalist for a 2015 Creative Capital grant in Emerging Fields and was featured on Creative Capital’s On Our Radar in 2016. She created Art Collision & Repair Shop in which teams of artists transform the “stalled” work of other artists. The project debuted at Center for Contemporary Art Santa Fe in 2014-15 and was a coalescing force in the Santa Fe art community.

Begy earned her MFA in Fine Art from the School of Visual Arts, New York City, in 2010. Her works have been exhibited in contemporary art centers and galleries in the U.S. and Europe. She has co-founded and co-directed artist-run exhibition spaces in Los Angeles and Brooklyn. She currently lives and works in Rochester, NY.