Artist in Residence

Writers & Books’ glass-enclosed atrium is home to changing exhibitions that intersect with the literary arts, storytelling, Rochester’s history, and issues in the public conversation. Annalisa Barron inaugurated our Artist in Residence series in 2020 with Place Projectors: Bringing Light, Lenses, and Words Together, and currently serves as volunteer curator. Mounted two times a year, exhibitions are selected by invitation. Artists in Residence facilitate interactive public experiences of their artwork, conduct open-house gallery talks, and document the evolving nature of their exhibitions on our website.

Postponed to Spring 2024



OVERCOMING ARTIST’S BLOCK  with Rashaad Parker, a Rochester filmmaker and visual artist. Using Afro-futuristic mixed media incorporating metals, found artifacts, videography, 16mm film, sound, sculpture, photo collage, textiles, and film as a substrate, his work focuses on the intersectionality between art and social justice activism.


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