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Celebrate Banned Books Week!

The following blog post was written by Sarah Brown, literary operations fellow at Writers & Books.

September 27th-October 3rd is Banned Books Week. If a book is challenged, it means someone or some group is trying to remove it from schools or libraries in an area. If they succeed, then the book is considered a banned book. Throughout the world, there have been countless challenged and banned books. Banned Books Week aims to draw attention to this problem and celebrate everyone’s freedom to read!

Most times a book is challenged because it is deemed to use offensive language or be sexually explicit. Young adult books are challenged the most frequently, and this is definitely concerning. Where would we be if we had not read Catcher in the Rye or Beloved or To Kill A Mockingbird in high school? More than anything, the books we read when we are young help us decide what kind of person we want to be growing up. And that is why bringing attention to Banned Books Week is so important.

Here at Writers & Books we are definitely celebrating! In the building we will have a display of some books that have been banned. And because we believe so strongly that everyone should always be able to read whatever they choose, these books are free to take home! Stop by 740 University Ave and pick up your own banned book and help us celebrate Banned Books Week!