Classes & Workshops

Ages: 14 & up

Writing Spaces/Art Spaces (Week Eight)

Instructor(s): Kitty Jospé
Location: WAB – 740 University Ave.

This course will profit from the Memorial Art Gallery inside and out! Inside, we will explore Ekphrasis — responding to painting and sculpture through words. Outside, as part of ArtWalk, Poets’ Walk and Story Walk are now open on the sidewalks around the Memorial Art Gallery. There are single words (story walk) and phrases and lines of poems (Poet’s Walk) embedded in the sidewalk. We will explore what happens to words carved on a block of space — consider them alone, grouped into various patterns, the size, the font, where they are located, the influence of weather, associations. In addition poems can be heard in their entirety, often as read by the poet, by dialing a special code. Students will brainstorm ideas about what kind of space writing and art provide as well as examine the technical skills of line and stanza break, spaces between words, and the effects on rhythm. We will spend the week exploring how the elements of art relate to the elements of writing.

Course Code: JY13-A13