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Creative Journaling Sets The Mind Free by Maria Gillard

Creative Journaling is exactly what it sounds like.

Journaling: the act of writing about your daily life, hopes, dreams, fears, and frustrations; to process conflicts, decisions, memories and wildest thoughts.

Creativity: Making things up, imagining, using words in fun ways, drawing, collage, poetry, painting, and design.

We put these things together to draw out inner feelings that may have been buried, express hurt, anger, joy, laughter, and apprehensions. I have been journaling for many years.  It helps me understand how I think. It helps me get rid of angst, pride, guilt, jealousy-things I don’t necessarily like to feel. It helps me find ways to write new songs. Through journaling, I discover new things about myself.

It is not group therapy but it can be therapeutic. Creative Journaling is designed to hear new ideas and experience different writers’ voices and creative outlets. We often discover how much we are alike, and that the human spirit longs for the same basic things no matter what age, creed, gender or color we are! I have taught this class at Writers & Books for more than 10 years and almost always students come away with something valuable they have learned about themselves.

Please come with a curious and open mind and think of it as an adventure into your best self!


Read more about Maria’s Creative Journaling workshop starting Thursday, July 6:


Maria Gillard is a singer-songwriter-teacher who has taught Creative Journaling for many years. She has taught at Omega Institute, Writers & Books (adults and teens), Linwood Gardens, and Finger Lakes Community College. She taught the successful “Create a Radio Show” course for SummerWrite for 15 years. She has four self-published recordings of her songwriting and is a professor of music at Finger Lakes Community College.