If my child requires emergency medical care and I cannot be reached, I give my consent to the Writers & Books / SummerWrite Staff to contact the individuals I have listed on the registration form. Those individuals have permission to make decisions regarding the daily care and medical care of
my child, including permission to pick up my child(ren) from the program at any time.

In the event of the program’s inability to locate me, or the emergency contact designee(s), I give permission to the Writers & Books / SummerWrite staff to take such emergency measures as they deem appropriate until such time as emergency contact designee or myself can be contacted. I will not hold Writers & Books or their employees responsible for any injury or other harm that results from program participation.

I agree to pay all of the costs associated with the emergency care that my child receives. I understand that the program assumes responsibility for my child(ren)’s well-being during the hours of the program and will make every effort to immediately contact me should any type of emergency arise.

Writers & Books / SummerWrite staff will provide only basic first aid. If my child(ren) require(s) additional treatment I will be notified.