A Night at Hogwarts 2017 SOLD OUT

Location: WAB – 740 University Ave.

The Ministry of Magic has declared this event Sold Out.

We apologize to all our friends, both Muggle and Wizard-born.


Calling all wizarding families! 




A Night at Hogwarts returns, and this year we’re making it a family affair!


Walkthrough Platform 9 3/4, be sorted into your house, and then join the fun of celebrating the birthday of The Boy Who Lived!


*NOTE: Youth priced tickets can only be purchased over the phone. Call 585.473.2590 ext 107 to reserve.




* Make a wand & test your senses with our Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans Blind taste test.


* Concoct potions & play Quidditch in our indoor arena.


* Take your own Have You Seen This Wizard photo, and get your picture in our telephone booth on your way into the Ministry of Magic out front before the party starts!


* Play giant wizards chess.


* Have your fortune told.


* and much more!


Costumes are encouraged, but certainly not required. Wizard & muggle families alike are welcome!


Enjoy food, Harry Potter-themed drinks like Butterbeer, and fun activities while dressed in your Hogwarts robes!



Register in person, online, or call 473-2590 x107.