It Could Happen Here | Ages: 9-13

Phillis Wheatley Library 33 Dr Samuel McCree Way, Rochester, NY, United States

Everything seems normal...on first appearance. Your main character seems like just another kid, with the usual hopes and anxieties, off to just another summer day camp, until another kind of world shows through the surface. Find the magic in the Phillis Wheatley Library, Storywalk, and the nearby Bronson Ave Playground, which will serve as the […]


Tales from your Mind | Ages: 9-13

Arnett Branch Library 310 Arnett Blvd, Rochester, NY, United States

Starting with two characters—one with your own personality and a character of your own invention—you will create the kind of stories you like, whether they are superhero adventures, fantasy, sci-fi, or realistic problem-solving stories. You'll learn methods to keep readers glued to your story. and create poems or dramatic scenes that express your own feelings […]


World Building at the Library | Ages: 9-13

Writers & Books 740 University Avenue, Rochester, NY, United States

Do you know how to create a satisfying system of magic in a fantasy world? Do you love books that include dictionaries of their own fictional languages? Do you daydream about space shuttles charting planetary constellations? In this camp, we will explore how to build worlds that live, breathe, and spark off the page! Participants will construct the […]

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