Ravi Mangla: The Observant

Writers & Books 740 University Avenue, Rochester, NY

In a distant country, recently imprisoned filmmaker Vasant Rai is offered a chance at freedom. But the choice, he learns, comes at a very steep price. Ravi Mangla’s The Observant is a sharp-eyed literary thriller about freedom of expression under tyrannical regimes, authority and its adherents, and the demands of survival. "Short and powerful, Ravi […]

Francesca Padilla: What’s Coming to Me

Writers & Books 740 University Avenue, Rochester, NY

Seventeen-year-old Minerva Gutiérrez plans revenge on her predatory boss in this poignant and thrilling contemporary Young Adult novel about grief, anger, and fighting for what you deserve. Perfect for fans of Tiffany D. Jackson and Erika L. Sánchez. In the seaside town of Nautilus, Minerva Gutiérrez absolutely hates her job at the local ice cream […]

Stephen J. West: Soft Boiled

Writers & Books 740 University Avenue, Rochester, NY

In his debut Soft-Boiled: An Investigation Of Masculinity and the Writer's Life, Stephen J. West seamlessly weaves together personal experiences, studies of detective thrillers, and critical texts on masculinity to offer an honest and moving journey towards self-discovery. Thought-provoking and lyrical, Soft-Boiled poses essential questions: What are the implications of creating art based on another […]

Cyrus Cassells: The World That the Shooter Left Us

Writers & Books 740 University Avenue, Rochester, NY

In the aftermath of the Stand Your Ground killing of his close friend’s father, Cassells explores the brutality, bigotry, and betrayal at the heart of current America. Taking his cue from Civil Rights- and Vietnam War-era poets and songwriters who inspired him in his youth, he presents a frank, bulletin-fierce indictment of unraveling democracy in […]

Nishant Batsha | Mother Ocean Father Nation

Writers & Books 740 University Avenue, Rochester, NY

Spanning from the lush terrain of the South Pacific to the golden hills of San Francisco, Mother Ocean Father Nation is an entrancing debut about how one family, at the mercy of a nation broken by legacies of power and oppression, forges a path to find a home once again. “Heartrending in its domestic drama, […]

Carley Moore: Panpocalypse

Writers & Books 740 University Avenue, Rochester, NY

Carley Moore will be in conversation with Sejal Shah. It’s early summer in New York City, 2020. The city is largely shut down, and Orpheus—our queer, disabled, poly hero—is lonely, devoid of touch and community. Orpheus manages to buy a bike just before they sell out and takes to the streets looking for Eurydice, the […]

Alicia Puglionesi: In Whose Ruins

Writers & Books Online 740 University Ave, Rochester, NY

Popular narratives of American history conceal as much as they reveal. In Whose Ruins tells another story: winding through the US landscape, from Native American earthworks in West Virginia to the Manhattan Project in New Mexico, this history is a tour of sites that were mined for an empire’s power. Showing the hidden costs of ruthless […]

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