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Exciting and Wonderful News from YELP Rochester!

WOW! What an adventure these past few weeks have been.

Just over two months ago, Yelp Rochester came to us with a huge gift, an enormous opportunity and a tantalizing challenge. We were selected as one of three organizations in Rochester to be considered for a $5,000 grant from #YFGivesLocal. All we needed were votes!

And so we asked for your help.

The response we received was stunning, humbling, and just downright wonderful. You voted, spread the word, refreshed your browsers, and voted again! Thank you! Thank you all so much! We are truly very lucky to belong to a community that is as supportive, creative, and enthusiastic as Rochester.

Today, we’ve received some amazing news!

We are enraptured, elated, euphoric, overjoyed, on cloud nine, in seventh heaven, jumping for joy, delighted, thrilled, exultant, on top of the world, and over the moon to hear from Yelp Rochester that Writers & Books is the recipient of the $5K ‪#‎YFGivesLocal‬ Grant!

WE did it—and I mean “we”! Writers & Books couldn’t have done it without you. Again, both YELP and the community of Rochester have our sincerest thanks.


We’ll be using this grant money to improve our operations & services to the Rochester community! More details to come.


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Read up on the Yelp Foundation on their blog here: