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FRANKENSTEIN BEMSHI! It’s Alive! At this year’s Fringe Festival @ Writers & Books

One Performance Only! Saturday, September 22 @ 4PM
Celebrating the 200 th Anniversary of Mary Shelley’s great novel!

And brought to you by the same team that gave you NOSFERATU BEMSHI! And CALIGARI BEMSHI!

Find out more and get your tickets HERE.

FRANKENSTEIN BEMSHI! Blends for the first time ever the 1910 Thomas
Edison Studios horror film, Frankenstein, with all new libretto, music, soundscape, and poetry.

This real-time performance by Dave Esposito (a.k.a. Solomon Ramada) and G. E. Schwartz, drenched in science, magic and mystery, tells—for our time of hubris and creation, alienation—a story of our anxieties and hopes conjured up by knowledge and technology. It will ask the questions: What does it mean to be human? …Are we, humans, the first monsters? Thinking beasts? Can any of the bizarre splices and hybrids—from creatures to cyborgs—come even close to our own monstrous contribution, as mad geniuses, where reason coexists with the
darkest instincts?

FRANKENSTEIN BEMSHI!, telling in sound and vision its powerful and
unforgettable story, will give you images, sounds and ideas that will stay with you
forever—from the creature’s first awakening on a dreary autumn night when it first opens its “dull yellow eye”, the monster’s painful coming to consciousness and self-consciousness, and the tale it tells of how its natural “ardor for virtue” and desire for love is corrupted by the treatment it receives, and its brutal rejection by the one who ought to have “rendered him happy”. And last, and above all, FRANKENSTEIN BEMSHI! Will capture and articulate for the very first time the ultimate terror of our modern age: THE POWER OVER LIFE ITSELF.

***And watch for a surprisingly shocking ending!!!