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Giving the Gift of Literature

Tis the season of giving! Sometimes even though our hearts are feeling generous during the holidays, it can be a little difficult to find the right gifts to give our friends and family. When you are deciding what presents to give this year, remember that literature is one of the greatest gifts you can give! It may seem like a bit of a cliché, but I’ve come up with six reasons why books make the best presents!

  1. There’s something for everyone! There are books written on millions of different topics in millions of different styles. You are sure to find something that aligns with the preferences of everyone on your list. Even people who claim not to be readers will enjoy learning more about what interests them.
  2. It prompts people to read more. Many people don’t read not because they don’t like to, but because they aren’t required to, and it’s something that gets overlooked in their day to day lives. When people receive books as gifts, they are more likely to pick them up and get reading! Maybe your gift will even get them in the habit of reading more often!
  3. They are the gifts that keep on giving. Books teach us lessons and provide us with memories that will last a lifetime. Everybody can learn something from every single book they read, which is an awesome thing!
  4. Books are fun! Reading is a form of entertainment, and it’s a great way to travel through time and space on a budget. You can ride a broomstick with Harry Potter, explore the roaring 20’s with Nick Carraway, and solve mysteries with Sherlock Holmes. Everyone loves adventure, and literature never fails to provide it.
  5. It’s an escape from technology. Digital media has become an essential part of our lives and it’s hard to imagine living without it. Giving someone a good old-fashioned paper book is an excuse for them to turn off the devices that demand so much of our attention.
  6. Reading relaxes. Becoming completely absorbed in reading is a great way to unwind. And who doesn’t want to curl up in with a good book in front of the fireplace in these cold winter months?

Literature is a great gift for the holiday season. Stop in to Writers & Books and we can help you find the perfect book for everyone on your nice list!