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Tristan Tomaselli

Tristan Tomaselli ran away from the technology industry to join the circus. Unfortunately he ended up in Piccadilly Circus, England, where he got stuck for a semester, convinced he’d die by tripping over a pigeon and into a bus. But, since he was already in the UK he figured, why not study fiction and postmodern literature at the New College, Oxford University? This is how he discovered he had crossed into a parallel universe where cats rule the internet and cars drive themselves. Upon his return to normality, Tristan earned a B.S. in Creative Writing, summa cum laude, from The College at Brockport. He specializes in science fiction and postmodernism. Imagine his surprise when he awoke one day as the graphic designer for Writers & Books. When asked about this strange turn of events he said “who are you, and what are you doing in my office?” Tristan is also very proud to be a SummerWrite instructor of sci-fi/fantasy for teens, and insists his students have better ideas than he does.

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