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We have a very exciting project coming up. As many of you know, Writers & Books is proud to be one of the largest literary centers in the United States. Fulfilling our mission to “promote reading and writing as life long activities for people of all ages and backgrounds”, Writers & Books offers many services to please the literary minded in Western New York. Every year Writers & Books reaches over 500,000 people in the Rochester area with their writing workshops, reading seminars, youth programs and school residencies, theatre performances/collaborations, author visits (including the community-wide reading program “If All of Rochester Read the Same Book”), and literary events. In addition, Writers & Books recently revamped and reopened their used bookstore in the front of the building, allowing lovers of literature a place to find used books at affordable prices. All these programs and services allow people across the Greater Rochester Area to find a home within Writers & Books facilities.

However, while Writers & Books does offer ample classes and events to satisfy the minds of our clients (specifically aspiring authors), we do not currently offer enough for our readers. This is why we would like to create “The Literary Lounge.”
The Literary Lounge will be a small reading lounge, meeting place, and informal café located in the Writers & Books atrium. This area is currently used as a storage space, but with excellent lighting from the large surrounding windows and ample space, it would make an excellent place for readers and writers. The Literary Lounge will be set up in the style of a café with several tables/chairs throughout the space (for those meeting with others, needing a space for a laptop, or wishing to enjoy some tea/coffee), and couches and large reading chairs (for those who wish to read undisturbed). It will be open Monday-Friday from 5:00PM – 9:00 PM. In the front left corner of the atrium, there will be a table with Writers & Books merchandise and a table with high quality coffee and tea available for a small donation. In addition, there will be a small desk located in the back left corner of the atrium for one Writers & Books staff member or volunteer to sit, work, and oversee the Lounge area. Additionally, events will be held in The Lit Lounge such as “Music Monday” (where local musicians play from 5:00-9:00 PM), poetry readings, and writing group meetings, such as NaNoWriMo writers. The combination of soothing décor and a welcoming atmosphere will increase the Writers & Books audience, better utilize the space and create ample opportunity for new programs and new customers.

The Lit Lounge will create a fun and unique area for our customers to read, write and meet with others. While cafes and libraries are available, it is difficult to spend ample time in said venues without purchasing something, or feeling as though one is loitering. Literary loitering is encouraged within our hours! The grand opening of The Literary Lounge will take place on “First Friday” on May 3rd, 2013.

In order to take on such a large project, we are running an IndieGoGo campaign asking our friends and fan for help. To help support this project, please visit our IndieGoGo site. Thanks!!